Impact of technology – communication



  • There’s been a movement away from face-to-face meetings / communication.  Instead, people and businesses use video conferencing, Elluminate (incorporates chat and presentation conferencing facilities) and virtual conferencing (Second Life).
  • Technology is more portable and people have and expect constant access to the internet.
  • Communication is virtually instantaneous (compare email versus snailmail).
  • Communication is less rigid and less inclined to conform to traditional standards and rules.  It’s less formal.  Mistakes are common.  Acronyms are also common.




  • Speed / time – money can be saved because it’s much quicker to move information around.
  • Cost – it feels free to send an email (although it isn’t); it’s certainly cheaper than phone calls.  Video conferencing saves money on flights and accommodation.
  • Online communication brings families / friends together across distances.
  • Education – it’s accessible and there’s lots of free information.
  • Community – it can reduce isolation and provide support systems for people who need it.
  • It’s available 24 / 7.  People can do shopping / banking / chat at any time they like.  They can communicate with people on the other side of the world while everyone in their own country is asleep.



  • Reliance on technology – people don’t bother learning to spell because they use spell-checker etc…
  • Loss of face-to-face may mean loss of some communication skills and loss of the personal touch.
  • There are risks attached to the unknown / hidden elements on the internet (you don’t necessarily know who you are talking to).
  • Reliability of information – everyone’s posting so just because something’s on the web doesn’t mean it’s reliable.
  • Viruses, fraud and identity theft are all risks for people using the internet.
  • There are costs associated with maintaining equipment and keeping equipment up with contemporary software.
  • Addiction – some people get addicted to web / games etc.. which increases their social isolation and can cause health problems.
  • Health issues related to less sun, exercise etc… and a tendency to eat more.
  • Interruptions – because people don’t tend to turn off technology, they don’t focus or concentrate for uninterrupted periods as much.  There’s a trend towards mult-tasking that can have benefits but also impacts productivity.
  • There are potential risks relating to cancer and fertility associated with regular exposure to mobile phones.


Related crimes:

  • Hacking
  • Viruses
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud etc…


AI, Modeling and Simulation:

  • Virtual conferences are a form of simulation.  There are sites that enable audio / visual virtual conferencing or Second Life.
  • Social networks provide virtual communities.  Social contact is formed online rather than real world.  This includes dating sites.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to these.
  • AI – chatbots at present are fairly unsophisticated but in time they may enable people to have conversations with computers where they don’t realize they’re not communicating with another human being.


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33 Responses to Impact of technology – communication

  1. Rishabh says:

    From reading the above, i think that it is quite clear that technological advancements, are after all really benifetable the many different people. Although, there are minor issues, it is evident that from the ‘advanced simplicity’ and usefulness of technology is taking over the world, and is making lives easier.

  2. Marcus So. says:

    risks attached to unknown elements/such as not knowing who you are talking to on the internet.

    this is a serious problem, but its not like its going to happen to everyone. it only happens to people who are careless and just add random people on their instant messenger applications. as long as people only add the people they know, then there woulnt be a problem with paedophiles and stalkers on the internet.
    though this is a major risk and can cause a lot of damage, there are many things that could happen if you are targeted by stalkers on the internet.
    this could include…
    -being stalked
    -feeling unsafe
    -not being able to trust many people.
    as i said before, these are only problems if people are careless in how they use the internet.

  3. sebrown says:

    Marcus – great point that people can to some extent safe-guard by only adding people they know.

  4. Anthony says:

    speed/time- information can be passed around alot fsater by using interent. it takes a minimum of one day to send a lettter to someone but eamils take no more than 10 seconds to send and it will be recieved the moment it is sent. this is s big benifit for buisness that are spread all over the world becasue they are able to send information by email or phone very quickly.

    It a;sp saves money becasue even though its not free it is alot cheapper to have a video confrence then travel around the world to have a meeting.

  5. Lachlan Wilson says:

    Chosen Point: It’s available 24/7. People can do shopping/banking/chat at any time they like. They can communicate with people on the other side of the world while everyone in their own country is asleep.

    This is a valid point as it addresses the fact that this is possible. The changes in technology have come with many advantages however there are many disadvantages associated with this point such as possibility of its easy availability may lead to many people developing addictions to activities on the web such as ebay, gaming or chatrooms.As useful as the internet is it will always come with its negatives and there will always be two sides to the coin.

  6. alexsbolg says:

    education- prior to the internet and computers, all information was stored in the library and the information that you could obtain without having the expenses of travel would be limited as the information obtainale is solely from your local library.

    due to the internet we are able to collect not only a significantantly larger amount of information, but a wider variety of information as one is able to view differnet perspectives from around the world, comepared to the limited source of your local library

  7. jamo122 says:

    Due to the demands of our fast paced world the rapid response of email is often not fast enough. and this is where VoIP has steped in and let translate voice into data and transmitt it across an internet connection or network. Just like an file u send in an email. Upon reaching the other end data is transformed back into its original form and it acts like a normal phone call

  8. nightslasher says:

    i think one benefit would be the online communication. I believe this is a revolutionary way of communicating to your friends and family because the reaction time you get is fast. Communication comes in many different ways but ‘online’ would be a more appropriate way because it saves time and costs little money. This is also revolutionary because sharing files and recieving other data is an advantage rather than travelling ‘half way across the world’ with a USB and giving a file via the flashdrive. Entertainment also makes online communication possible, e.g. facebook allows the users to be apart of a group which others have an interest in. I believe this is how you make a few more friends online.
    One issue i think would disadvantage computer technology is chatting to someone you don’t know. This has been an issue for a few years now and many people sometimes question who they are speaking to. On this the person chatting to you may have seen your other contacts and use their information as their own to get to you. I like to call this internet stalking which is concidered as a crime. As the internet is large in its own world, it would be hard to track down the impersinator or fraud causing you grief.

  9. bdayao123 says:


    Ms.Edmondsbrown ,

    You have listed most of all the benefits, issues, and other related information for this topic. With nothing new for me bring up, I will just expand and elaborate with my opinion.

    I agree with your whole post, it is true that many people rely greatly on technology for communication, and in all truth i believe that the near future will all too much rely if not it is happening now. It may be benefitial overall, and may be the new idea of the next century, but I also believe that how can we as a normal human society not communicate with each other traditionally and how we were always meant to.
    ‘Why were we given voices to speak?’ -bdayao123

    Face to face communication is much more to the point and can be formal to imformal depending on the situation, and should be more preferred.
    Again it is only my opinion.


  10. amarvir says:

    Online communication brings families/ friends together across distances.

    Online communication allows for quick and efficient ways of interacting with frineds and family. it can all happen with a click of a button.

    There are many ways in which you can communicate with frineds/family without using the phone. these include….

    – MSN
    – Email
    – Yahoo/google messenger
    – SMS
    – etc

    It allows for families and friends to share experiences or just to catch up.

  11. max says:

    A general thought on the idea of technology affecting our understanding in metereology.

    Technology in terms of adding pollution to our society is an issue that needs special concern, considering the fact that we are living through the “bloom of technology”. From a citizen’s point of view, technology used in industries can be the main factor that contributes to the pollution of our living environments. More specifically, global warming is an issue that needs great care and ironically, technology can be used to prevent and reduce the amount of emission into our atmosphere.

    In saying this, technology can help to predict future environmental issues in aspect to the use of metereology and the technology that used in this field. As a result, as the technology increases, the depth of understanding the field of metereology will increase which may give us a great deal of information for predicting future environmental issues. At the moment, we have taken advantage of using electromagnetic waves to transmit satelite pictures from space to our planet.

  12. nightslasher says:

    on marcus so’s comment i think some people add people they don’t know for the sake of it or because they are spontaneous

  13. Sandeep says:

    Originally if you want to access internet you would had to be in a fixed spot but now thanks to wi-fi hotspots and Air cards it is really easy to use the internet on the move. It is really convenient because you are updated on everything wherever you go.

  14. kevin says:

    There are many lists of impacts of impacts through communications in areas of the society which can benefit us.

    The benefits are comunnication

  15. Aayush Kataria says:

    I think that the points that have been mentioned above are quite appropriate. The point about the internet being available 24/7, and that you can do whatever you want, such as internet banking, shoppping etc, whenever, is the most benefitial point towards the impact of technology.

    In my opinion, by being accessible to the internet, it makes you more independent, as you can buy things without actually being there, and you can talk to people all around the world without them actually being infront of you.

    It is also much cheaper to talk to people overseas, by using things such as Skype, instead of talking on the phone. It is more convenient, the clarity of voice and picture is enhanced, and it is free to use.

    The impact of technology has had a major affect on our daily lives, and has made it more convenient to do simple day to day things.

  16. Rishabh says:

    Basically, it is quite distinct that communication is becoming more prominent as time goes by. This has been substantiated by the introduction of new technologies, breakthroughs in the technological wolrd and profficiency. Speaking of the cons, there are some, which may have a major impact, such as addiction, high costs for unconventional technologies, etc. Overall, and in conclusion, the growth and technological advancement is proving to be beneficial and is lucid, to a degree, but we can clearly consummate that technology is exigent and salutary.

  17. Kenneth says:

    This list of impacts on society through communiction has covered alot of areas and what socieity can benefit and also shows the negatives on technology.

    The benefits that technology has given to communication is through the fast speeds of sending messages and recieving them. Cost is another factor since it is now free to send anything without any costs of sending.

    Some disadvantages would be some crimes that happen through communication like hacking and also the issue on cyber-stalking. Hacking would lead to unknown people being able to access things without permission. Cyber-stalking has grown larger and making communication through technology even more dangerous.

  18. andrei1 says:

    education – it’s accessible and there’s lot of free information

    the problem with society today, especially with students, is that plagarising is very common due to the fact that they can easily copy and paste information. most students only rely on other people’s work. they copy from informational and educational websites such as wikipedia,org,, etc.

  19. Jason says:

    Since the internet has no ‘closing time’ people may benefit from it. People may do their banking, shopping, communicate, etc. Without having to go to the shops or bank people with tight schedules can really benefit. Though sitting in front of the computer all day doesn’t do your body any good.

  20. ankit4lyf says:

    The points mentioned above are very clear and concise btu at the same time there are just as many dis-advantages as there are advantages. As mentioned in the benefits above there alot of time that can be saved in transfering information but at the same time there are risks attached to the unknown and there can also be an issue of hacking, fraud or identity theft.

  21. Kevin says:

    As most of us are aware, the Internet and e-mail have changed the way we communicate. It impacts most levels of society and has virtually replaced traditional letters and even telephone calls,

    IM – another revolutionary application
    But it is not only voice that has accelerated our local and global communications to a nanosecond, instant messaging (IM).

    Enter VoIP
    Due to the demands of our fast-paced world, the rapid response of e-mail is often not good enough. And this is where Voice over Internet Protocol better known as VoIP.

  22. loleary says:

    “There’s been a movement away from face-to-face meetings / communication. Instead, people and businesses use video conferencing, Elluminate (incorporates chat and presentation conferencing facilities) and virtual conferencing (Second Life).”

    ~ Mentioned points ~
    “Online communications’ brings friends/family’s together across distances”
    “Communication is less rigid and less inclined to conform to traditional standards and rules. It’s less formal. Mistakes are common. Acronyms are also common”

    In today’s society people are wonting things to happen now, rather then later. Technology is allowing professionals to meet and talk with their clients without the need of being in the same room, or even in the same country. Speaking to one another over the internet is a great way to get things done at a convenient time for each person involved. To be able to chat with a friend, colleague or client whenever you wonted is a cheap and practical toll that we so desperately need in today’s speedy, fast pace society. Video conversation can be used on a number of devices such as a computer or a mobile phone. This “Video conversation” feature is very useful to today’s business person, or the common person who wants’ to catch up with a friend or with a relative. The use of a video conversation much like online chatting eliminates the need to travel to another place in the country or the world. A video conversation works a lot like a telephone, but it has an added feature, it allows you to see the person you are talking to, Not only does video conversation open up a whole new way of personalising a phone call but it also allows students, clients and business persons to show and share information and idea visually. People who use visual conversance are usually the younger generations, such as people in their teens (13-19). A visual conversance can usually be found in a game, where you can chat and interact with people from all over the world but virtually. Visual conversance or virtual reality, is a fun and interactive way that people from all over the world can chat to one another with the use of an Avatar (and avatar is a way of displaying yourself).

    I believe that to be able to communicate with people through technology is fun. Being able to chat with my friends online whenever i wont is a huge convenience. I am always caught up to date with what is going on, and as a student if i have any problems with due dates or homework, i can simply jump online and talk to anyone of my friends that are online at the time. Because talking to one another online is no extremely popular it is never hard to find a friend who can help. The use of video conversations, is something i do not use very often if at all. This is because it is hard to set up because there are a set of demands that have to be met by each communication device. Half the time the 2 communication devices do not meet these standards, and it becomes more of a hassle then it is worth. Video conversations are also quite pricy, they are almost double the cost of a standard cost. The average person in society can not afford to have a video conversation. However virtual conferencing is something i do use, almost every day. I play many games online that are fun. When i am on a virtual reality based game, you can chat with friends, play games, and show off interesting skills that you could not do in every day life. Such virtual communication software are games like: WOW (world of warcraft) Runescape, Angels online, A better world, Second life, FFLY for life and many many more.

    With the aid of all this new technology we can react and communicate with friends and family from all over the world at a minimal cost. To go an see someone over seas can send your bills over 3 thousand dollars, while if you just wonted to chat with your friend and interact you can use the internet to communicate.

  23. Kishen Kartages says:

    Technology is more portable and people have and expect constant access to the internet.

    Technology has become more portable than before and I think it will become more efficient and sufficient in the future.

    Now mobile phones is the one thing people bring everywhere as it has most or all the gadgets people use. Laptops have become thinner and more advanced as it has high speed broadband which would have cost ore before if there weren’t as much users as now.

    I think technology is a great accomplishment for the world but sometimes we are advancing to fast.

  24. nnicholas2 says:

    As technology advances, the use of personal meetings, conversations, etc, is put into the hands of the internet. This has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages which include being able to talk to people or groups of people over the internet through Instant messaging, video calls, etc…. Computers can also be controllled by people on the other side of the world through remote assistance. This overall advantage is basically that people are able to communicate from their own homes without needing to go anywhere at ease….
    The disadvantage linked with this is that people may not be able to effectively show certain emotions and such.

    Technology has also brought the easy use of communication where people are instantly able to reply to each other without needing to wait days or even weeks for a letter to arrive by post… This gives people easy access to communication where no energy or time is required compared to ‘snailmail’.

  25. peteey says:

    In relation to the issues which have been previously mentioned, I can totally understand why the technology being produced is so vital to our society, because the latest and most advanced technology is creating less workloads for everyday people, providing simpler and easier options for how to go about our work. The speed is second to none, and using the Internet is very cost ffective for because it is also very cheap. All in all, i find it hard to be negative about the latest technologies released, because there a very few negatives to point out about them.

  26. nathanclarke says:


    the internet has changed the way we live our everyday life. for education to the workforce. Basicly anywhere you go the internet will be there and able to use.

    the internet has changed the way the young learn and are educated. now days if a student needs to know something he will just search it on the net. this is good cause it is easy to access and use but can also be bad cause not all the information on the internet is correct.

    education is also being changed in the way of PBL where old fashion work sheet are being eliminated and questions on blogs and tasks on the internet are being introduced into schools.

    BY: Nathan Clarke

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  28. Joe Smith says:

    I really do think that technological advancements in our lives can help our present and our future.

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  33. saigenorris says:

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